Faith / Spirituality / Religion

Learn how temperament manifests in faith, spirituality, religion.

Spiritual Disciplines

They say that most human beings (irrespective of their temperament type) become spiritually engaged during times of difficulty, challenge, loss, or because of some kind of awakening. Different temperaments practice their spirituality in different ways. They are often referred to as spiritual disciplines.

Making Sense of Spirituality

Each of the temperaments finds comfort in the divine when it does something for them. What makes sense for one person may not seem all that sensible to another. That is why spirituality is a different journey for each of us. In this article we take a glimpse at the central themes of the spiritual pursuit for each of the temperaments.

Different Kinds of Spirituality

We believe that temperament has a significant impact on what will make a person feel most alive. And we believe that the spiritual pursuit must include elements of connection with what brings life for you. In this article, we explore some of the intricacies of what gives life and breath to each of the temperaments.

Temperament and the Inner Life

All of us have inner voices. We listen, ignore, resist, or yield to them all the time. Some believe in hearing from God directly, while others believe that it’s just self-talk, or it’s the residual of past influences imprinted on our psyche. Irrespective of what you believe, what is certain is that we all have thoughts.

Faith, Spirituality, Religion

Some refer to themselves as “religious,” some as “not religious,” then there’s “spiritual, but not religious,” a “person of faith,” and let’s not forget about the “atheist,” or “agnostic.” At Keirsey, our research indicates that depending on your temperament, you are likely to approach faith, spirituality, or religion differently.

Sex Through the Ages

Sex… It’s universal, and it’s been around for a very long time. Through the ages, there have been many views regarding sex. Just about every religion and culture has had something to say about it. In looking back through history we found various beliefs and practices which line up nicely with the four temperaments.

Is There an Antidote to Craziness?

For those who believe, whether relegated through the beliefs of a religion, or facilitated by the members of a spiritual community, the fact that there is a way to be deemed as no longer worthless, can provide an answer. For someone who feels worthless, a redemptive path can break the cycle of imprisonment.

Loving Unconditionally

Love / Sex / Dating

Loving unconditionally is about total acceptance of the other. It means accepting the good, the bad, the lovely, and the ugly. And let’s face it, that’s hard to do!

Money and Relationships

Money Matters

How does money play a factor in the various temperament combinations? Financial stress can ruin a relationship. Be informed so that you can make better financial decisions. This can make or break your bank account and your relationship.


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