Different Kinds of Leaders

Different Kinds of Leaders is our new flagship book from the Please Understand Me® series. In it, we address the questions: What kind of leader are you? What kind of leader can you be? How do you become that kind of leader? This book serves as an introduction to the Temperament and Leadership report, providing an overview of how the Keirsey model plays out in leadership matters. Together with the Temperament and Leadership report, we believe that this book will not only make a difference in your life, but it will impact everyone you lead. And more importantly, it will set you up to make your difference in the world.

Temperament and Leadership

The Temperament and Leadership report provides insight on how your temperament impacts the way you lead others. It closely examines your personality type, leadership style, and how you can develop as a leader for the long haul. This Keirsey report emerges out of more than three decades of leadership coaching engagements we have conducted with thousands of leaders from different industries, eras, life stages, races, genders, political affiliations, and religious backgrounds. In this report, we match you up to famous leaders who share your personality type so that you can better plan your leadership journey.