About the
Keirsey Magazine

The Keirsey Magazine is a publication showcasing an eclectic arrangement of content based on the Keirsey Temperament Theory. Inspired with art and design, each issue aims to present unique ideas and insights on leadership, faith/spirituality/religion, money matters, love/sex/dating, and other people issues. The Keirsey Magazine is brought to you as a collaboration between Keirsey (keirsey.com) and the Beetings Design Company (beetings.com).

Keirsey 160

The Keirsey 160 emerged from research, where we took a set of more than five thousand leaders—(from different industries, eras, life stages, races, genders, political affiliations, and religious backgrounds)—and studied them through the framework of temperament. We narrowed down the list to 160 different leaders representing the 16 personality types. We carefully selected 10 high-performance leaders for each personality type (5 male leaders and 5 female leaders), and we did a deep level analysis on each of them.

In conducting our research, we analyzed these high-performance leaders by: (i) reading everything we could about them (biographies, autobiographies, essays, articles, and websites); (ii) watching everything pertaining to them (documentaries, interviews, lectures, news-media, and presentations); and (iii) talking to them directly and/or obtaining first-hand information (informal and formal interviews with these leaders and with affiliated persons, archived information from internal sources, and visitations to the institutions/memorials built for/by these leaders).

Our research in temperament type spans more than seven decades, and for each of these 160 leaders, they have been the subject of analysis for a period of 10 to 30 years. Our findings have turned into the creation of methodologies for leadership development which have been utilized by thousands of leaders worldwide.

Q & A

Throughout the year, we’ve heard from many of you asking questions about the Keirsey Magazine. Like, “How do you choose your topics?” Or “How do you choose your leaders?” Or “Who writes your articles?” We’ll tackle these general ones for you.