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Issue 11 | The Contributing Leader

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how do you choose your topics?

In deciding about what to include in the Keirsey Magazine, we are well aware that we could be writing about trending topics or about timeless ones. Trending topics would be more focused toward weighing in on current issues, and providing our take on what is making news headlines. And this is certainly a valid direction to go. We concluded, however, at least for the time being that this is not something we wanted to do with the Keirsey Magazine. Although, we will be launching the Keirsey Blog, where we will make efforts to write on trending topics. As we embarked on launching the Keirsey Magazine, it became clear to us that the vision for this publication would be to focus on timeless subjects—topics which don’t have a shelf life. So, you could read an article that was written last year, or a future one, and the content would be timeless.

We’ve chosen to write about leaders—how they are wired, and to provide an analysis on their life journeys. We made this decision because leadership is at the heart of the kind of work we do best for our clients. We’ve also chosen to write about money because it is something that everyone utilizes. Money has been around for a long time, and isn’t going anywhere. Irrespective of which temperament one is, we all have a desire to make, invest, save, and spend money. So for whatever it’s worth, we wanted to provide some insights on how people see money, and how they can leverage it more effectively.

We also chose to address the subject of Romance (love, sex, and dating) because this has been a subject matter of great interest. It never seems to go out of style. We have been approached by several online dating sites in the past, requesting permission to utilize Keirsey in their enterprise. We decided to reserve this right as a future possibility for us to directly engage this market. In preparation for entering into this space, we wanted to start engaging this topic with our readers, to learn more as we write and receive feedback from you. We have also chosen to write on spirituality, faith, and religion because this is another area of interest that has been around for ages. Irrespective of one’s temperament, ethnicity, generation, political persuasion, educational background, sexual orientation or gender, this subject matter has survived century after century. Through everything presented in the Keirsey Magazine, our hope is that you will learn about yourself and those around you, as you engage these areas of life.


The leaders we have chosen to write about are from the Keirsey Leadership Study. For more than three decades, we have been conducting research on leaders, leadership, and how leaders develop over time. This study resulted in creating our take on leadership, which we feel is a unique perspective on how one’s temperament effects the way one leads. We believe that all leaders are different, and the way they develop is also different.

The Keirsey Leadership Study emerged from research which has not ever been done before. We took a set of more than five thousand leaders—(from different industries, eras, life stages, races, genders, political affiliations, and religious backgrounds)—and studied them through the framework of temperament. We narrowed down the list to 160 different leaders representing the 16 personality types. We carefully selected 10 high-performance leaders for each personality type (5 male leaders and 5 female leaders), and we did a deep level analysis on each of them. We call them the Keirsey 160. The leaders profiled in the Keirsey Magazine are a part of the Keirsey 160.

We utilize the Keirsey Leadership Model with all kinds of leaders from a wide spectrum of industries, who serve in various capacities throughout the world. Later this year, we will be releasing the Keirsey Leadership Report as a standard offering via our website. In conjunction with the release of this Keirsey report, we will also be introducing a certification in the Keirsey Leadership Model. Our leadership model is currently being utilized by a select group of leaders and organizations globally to further hone our offerings prior to release.


Articles for the Keirsey Magazine are always a team effort. We start in a room here at Keirsey we call the Think Tank, where we start out on a giant wall that has been transformed into a floor to ceiling whiteboard. Our team of Keirsey associates weigh in with their knowledge and experiences as we create the initial skeletons for an article. We map out the topic through various layers of complexity. Included in the discussion are a team of consultants who have utilized Keirsey extensively within various client scenarios. Also included in the mix are guest experts and thought leaders across various industries, who are Certified Partners. We consider them an invaluable resource to our process in creating insightful articles.

You will notice that we keep our writers anonymous. The only exception we make regarding anonymous authorship comes into play on the leadership materials we include which are abridgements from the Keirsey Leadership Study, which was authored by Edward Kim (CEO of the Keirsey Group) and David M. Keirsey (former Chief Scientist of the Keirsey Group). We value anonymity because it allows our team to speak with a collective voice. We adopted this method from, The Economist, where articles in their publication are also kept anonymous. Throughout all the stages in our process, we keep the discussion and debate alive, right up until final publication. It would be accurate to say that the articles published in the Keirsey Magazine are the product of our Think Tank, rather than a sole author.

Most importantly, we adopted anonymity because we believe that readers should be more concerned with what has been written rather than who wrote it. Geoffrey Crowther, (editor of the Economist from 1938 to 1956) said that anonymity keeps the editor “not the master but the servant of something far greater than him/[her]self…” We believe that anonymity gives the Keirsey Magazine the ability to make an extraordinary impact with timeless principles worth conveying.

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