Money Matters

Issue 07 | The Artistic Leader

Artisan Composer ISFP - Martha Graham Issue

How to Have Fun With Your Money


Artisans don’t really need to be told how to have fun. Their entire lives are about having fun. They have fun all the time. So what we discuss here and suggest might be more useful to those people in an Artisan’s life who just don’t get them. Or if you’re an Artisan, what we talk about here may give you some insight on why you are the way you are. So here’s the scoop. For Artisans money buys them freedom, allows them to be audacious, and enhances pleasure. Fun for them is about spontaneously engaging any impulse, being over-the-top in their adventures, and accessing new and different kinds of stimulation. The drawback to this, however, is that Artisans are prone to addictions and often don’t know how to do moderation.

3 Tips
1. Try engaging in an activity that you just never thought to try before. The same familiar activities, at the same places, with the same people are still always fun. But, you just don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t try something new. It will surprise you!

2. Give something over-the-top. Be audacious in your generosity with someone by going far beyond what you’re used to doing. You’ll get just as much out of the impact you see on the individual as the recipient does.

3. Find activities which stimulate the senses. Artisans have the highest awareness of their physical senses. They see, hear, taste, touch, and smell at levels which are far beyond what others get to experience. But, beware, that this can be highly intoxicating, and even addictive.


Guardians need to be often reminded of the need for fun in their lives. They make saving such a high priority, that delayed gratification is the way they normally operate. They inherently hold onto the view that indulgence is wrong, and therefore, are inclined to work hard all the way up until retirement, at which time, they decide that it’s now finally okay to have a little bit of fun. But, here’s the scoop. When they keep delaying, they eventually get too old and tired to enjoy everything they were delaying in their more vibrant years. On the other hand if they follow along with Artisans and go all out while they are young, they are driven to worry, fear, anxiety, and doubt, because it violates their need to be responsible and it tears away their safety net.

3 Tips
1. Make saving fun. Guardians love to save. They love to see their bank accounts grow, even if it’s just in small increments. And they love calculating all the money they saved from cutting costs. If Guardians can set aside a “fun fund” where a certain amount is regularly put into that fund, the anticipation and the monitoring of it can be a lot of fun!

2. Schedule weekly date nights, or activity times with friends and family. Get involved in an activity group of some kind where you pay the money upfront, which will make you go out and have fun on a regular basis.

3. Plan mini-retirements. Instead of saving it all for the big-retirement, plan temporary retirements along the way, where you save up vacation time and money for well deserved breaks while you’re still young.


Idealists can deceive themselves into thinking that they’re having fun even when they’re not enjoying something at all. They end up trading in authenticity for relational harmony. Both are core needs for them, but far too often, they can stop being honest about whether they feel fulfilled, satisfied, or are truly enjoying themselves. This is because they are often far too concerned with others needs over their own. They are always looking to make sure that others are having fun, that they forget to have fun themselves. If they go to the extreme of thinking only of themselves, enjoyment is short lived, and turned quickly into guilt. Their hyper-sensitivity to another’s feelings kicks in, and then it’s all over. Idealists can only truly enjoy themselves when it’s fun for all.

3 Tips
1. Let go of your fear of how others might be feeling. If they’re with you, it’s more than likely that they want to be with you. You’re the reason they’re around, so it’s best to be authentic and be your true self. Don’t be afraid to let them know what you want. This will create a win-win, which is far more fun.

2. Explore to see what you genuinely enjoy. In the name of relational harmony, you’ve often adopted what others like and neglected your own desires.

3. Realize that you are not responsible for everyone else’s enjoyment. Playing this role can lead to a great deal of stress in the long run for you and for others. Pay attention to your feelings and connect with others authentically.


Rationals find it fun when they are mentally challenged. They require intellectual stimulation for something to be worth their time. When they are spending their time with anyone or in anything that does not tickle their mind, they feel frustrated. What’s fun for them is engaging with people in ways which are clever, witty, and challenging. They find it fun to play mind tricks, to psychologically anticipate what another may be thinking, and to influence their attitudes and perspectives. There are rarely any activities which are intrinsically fun for Rationals. Activities are fun insofar as they facilitate some kind of mental titillation or if the people they are engaging in the activity with are fostering some kind of mind exercise for them.

3 Tips
1. Don’t be such an intellectual snob. Realize that mental stimulation can occur indirectly. Often you learn what otherwise couldn’t be learned by using your body instead of your brains. Often not thinking can bring clarity to your thoughts.

2. Leap first, think later. Rationals often think too much before just going for it. Sometimes you need to just act first and think later. Allowing your feelings, desires, impulses, or emotions to lead you sometimes can be a lot of fun, and even healthy for you. Remember that you’re human and not a robot.

3. Keep investing your money on activities and people who enhance your mind. In the long run, this is your way of experiencing ultimate satisfaction and pleasure. Find others who will grow together in expertise with you. This kind of mental synergy is invigorating for Rationals.

What Kind of Philanthropist Are You?

Our research indicates that depending on your temperament, giving can be immensely satisfying if you give to that which resonates with who you are. It will fuel your heart, and it will cause you to want to give for the long haul. This kind of giving creates a win for everyone.

Investing In People

“What is the best investment you can make in someone?” Depending on the temperament of those you are investing in, you may want to consider what kind of investment goes the furthest. When you invest wisely in someone, there are different responses and different returns based on their temperament.