Love / Sex / Dating

Issue 03 | The Enterprising Leader

Artisan Promoter ESTP - Anna Wintour

Turn Him On, Turn Her On

“The hidden desires of each of the temperament types.“


Turning on an Artisan starts with the attitude. Do you have what it takes to entice? It’s all in the ability to playfully create an insatiable desire. It’s about mystery.

The thrill of the chase is where it begins, and the electricity keeps it going until the climax, where it ends with impact that is addictive.

Finding the A-Spot

Wild Roller Coaster Rides
High Speed Adventures
Fun, Mischief, Teasing, and Joking
Risk, Excitement, and Pleasure
Playing Games Together
Impulse, Adrenaline, and Exhilaration
Hedonistic, Sexual, and Flirtatious Exchanges


Turning on a Guardian starts with preparation.
Are you willing to put in the effort? It’s all about careful planning, and creating safety.
It’s about consistency.

Being respectful and honorable is where it begins, and stability keeps it going, leading to a culmination of love as it should be.

Finding the G-Spot

Social Activities
Old-Fashioned Courtesy and Manners
Taking Responsibility for Scheduling
Traditional Courtship, and Being Marriage Minded
Honor, Respect, and Prudence
Protection and Safety


Turning on an Idealist starts with romance. Are you willing to get lost in an ocean of love? It’s all about connecting at the deepest levels of the heart.
It’s about intimacy.
Being swept away in a whirlwind of passion is where it begins, and touching the soul keeps it going forever, creating the epic journey.

Finding the I-Spot

Deep, Meaningful, Authentic Connection
Intense and Enduring Feelings
Special Intimate Closeness
Touching and Inspirational Moments
Symbolism, Signs, and Sentiments
Imaginative Ideas
Exploration and New Experiences


Turning on a Rational starts with the intellect. Can you keep up with a mind that never shuts off? It’s all about incisive, inquisitive interactivity.

It’s about the metaphysical, the philosophical, and being irreverent.

Exploration and curiosity is where it begins, and foreplay in the mind leads to transcendent brilliance.

Finding the R-Spot

Smart is Sexy
Interested in Intellectual Pursuits
Unconventional Thinking
Clever, Witty Humor
Achievement Oriented
Highly Competent
Flexibility and Adaptability

Loving Unconditionally

Loving unconditionally is about total acceptance of the other. It means accepting the good, the bad, the lovely, and the ugly. And let’s face it, that’s hard to do!

Why It’s Hard for the Rest of Us to Date Guardians

Guardians make up most men and women on the planet. What are some misdynamics that Idealists, Artisans, and Rationals should know about when dating them?