Money Matters

Issue 10 | The Competitive Leader

Artisan Crafter ISTP - Bruce Lee

The Pursuit
of Money

When it comes to making money, we all have different perspectives, priorities, paths, and pursuits. In other words, we view money differently; money is more or less important to some of us than others of us; we take different ways toward making it; and we make it for different reasons. In this article we exam the financial pursuits of the four temperaments. See which one you resonate with, and see if you can figure out how your friends, colleagues, and loved ones approach this universal journey.


The Pursuit of a Big Deal

For the Artisan, the pursuit of money is unpredictable. It is not sequential, it’s not a step-by-step advancement, and it isn’t a pursuit of a long range vision either. Money isn’t made to save for a rainy day, it’s not made to be given away. For the Artisan, the fun is in the pursuit itself, and when money has been captured, it is quickly released to fuel their impulses. Sometimes they dabble in all kinds of various activities to make money. And none of the ventures seem to have anything in common, but what is for sure is that in everything they do, fun is a non-negotiable. The pursuit of the big deal is about moment by moment maneuvering, where agility and speed lead to the kill. It’s about the thrill of the chase to hunt down the big prize. The Artisan lives to be intoxicated by all that life has to offer. Money buys pleasure, it affords freedom. Money is potent to the Artisan, because it has the power to make an impact. It allows them to be audacious. Big deals are stimulating for the Artisan because size matters for them, and it has to feel achievable right away. Deals by nature can change everything immediately, and so this appeals to them.


The Pursuit of a Big Salary

A big salary is built on the foundation of having worked hard for a long time. It shows that one is well educated, has greater responsibility, and has paid one’s dues. It signifies that one has arrived and that it only gets better from here. A Guardian starts their career with the expectation of making a salary that is competitive for their industry, and seeks to advance up the ladder to greater levels of authority, by working hard. The salary is seen as the measuring stick for where they stand in comparison with others. And it is the means by which they can move up the social ladder as well. The big salary doesn’t belong to the rookie. It belongs to the one that has proven themselves. It is something that isn’t simply handed out. It has been earned, and so therefore, a Guardian feels that they are deserving and properly entitled for all of their hard work and deeds. So it feels sturdy and stable. The nice thing about a salary is that it is predictable. It takes a while to build. It can be relied upon for the future because it is merited by what was done in the past.


The Pursuit of Giving

In an ideal world, there would be no need for money. We would live together as one, in perfect harmony, sharing and caring for one another in community. But, reality has a harsh way of shattering our dreams. When Idealists see the realities of a broken world, where people are in need, they cannot simply close their eyes. Idealists cannot help themselves from wanting to do something for the hurting and suffering. Idealists come to accept that money is a necessary evil that makes life possible in modern civilization. They believe that money should remove barriers rather than build them. They seek to remove the great gap between the haves and the have-nots. Whether they have a lot or a little, Idealists redistribute money. Idealists are born philanthropists. If you have a lot, give it to someone in need. When you are in need, receive from others. They give whatever they have to misfits, the disenfranchised, and the underprivileged. Their inclusive nature compels them to leave no one stranded or on the outside. They live to give. And giving makes them feel alive.


The Pursuit of Domination

For the Rational, making money isn’t really about the money. What matters to them is not how much they make. Nor do they feel the adrenaline rush of the winning chase of the deal. Short term wins feel momentary and fleeting for them. They hold onto their money loosely, believing that whether they have a lot or a little, they’re going to stay focused on something greater. Rationals see money as a successful byproduct of their pursuit to dominate. It’s the fruit of having reached a goal. In whatever they pursue, they want to be superior. Domination is really about being at the highest level of evolution, where they are pushing the edge of order to disrupt the system with new innovations. Rationals also see money as a tool that they can leverage to reach their objective. Rationals don’t really give a sh*# about money. They don’t follow money, rather, they are obsessive about turning their visions into reality, and money often follows them as they lead the way. Society tends to reward Rationals when their crazy ideas breakthrough to redefine reality.

Investing In People

“What is the best investment you can make in someone?” Depending on the temperament of those you are investing in, you may want to consider what kind of investment goes the furthest. When you invest wisely in someone, there are different responses and different returns based on their temperament.

Why People Go Bankrupt

Depending on your temperament, your potential demise is a predictable path. We would recommend, therefore, that you understand these destructive paths, in order to avoid the pitfall of bankruptcy from ever happening in your life.